Fusing Your Weapon and Get Powerful Weapon in Roblox Game

Do you play roblox game? Or, you never played it before? If you do, it’s a MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) where you can create your own world, place or dungeon with many different blocks. And, you also can invite or visit other people world that they also build with block. Basically, it’s similar to online social media, but you use it in much cooler way. Now, if you have tried this game before, you must understand that there are many things you can do in this game. Here is one of trick that we can say the coolest one. The trick is fusing your weapon.

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You can actually fuse weapon that you have. The way to do that is go to place where you can use your weapon. For example, if you use sword, you can go to Telamon. Now, you just need to place the weapon on tool slot. Place first weapon on slot 1 and the other weapon on slot 2. When you want to change weapon, you need to press backspace key. This is that you can use to fuse your weapon. To fuse the weapon, first you need to activate the first weapon, so press backspace key then hit 1. This is important. Once your character pick up the weapon on the slot 1, still holding backspace key, hit the 2. This will make those two weapons fused. If you attack opponent with this fused weapon it will give you triple attack and damage. So, it’s quite powerful.


However, the most important thing that you must know, this trick can make your game crash. Therefore, you need to backup your roblox game before you do it. You don’t want to lose your place that you built with blood and sweat, don’t you? So, use it and you will get one of powerful weapon in roblox game.

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